Based on a Community of Services and Schools (COSS) approach, The Wodonga Project is an Early Intervention model seeking to reduce local young people’s experiences of homelessness, mental health and school disengagement. The Wodonga Project is an evidence based initiative that works collaboratively with schools and the broader service system to improve outcomes for vulnerable students and their families.

The project models itself after The Geelong Project, which has successfully changed the outcomes for young people in Geelong. The Wodonga Project expects to replicate outcomes of The Geelong Project, being:

  • 40% reduction in presentations to the youth homelessness service system
  • 20% reduction in early school leaving
  • 50% reduction in school disengagement at participating schools
  • reduction in crisis referrals to mental health and community support services.

Our Partners

The Wodonga Project is grounded in systems change and is data-driven. It possesses a strong collaboration between a partnership of schools and organisations, all working together to deliver a coordinated and broad range of early intervention strategies, evidenced to reduce young people’s school disengagement, mental health issues and homelessness.


The project will see youth and family intervention specialists located in local schools providing early intervention support. The Wodonga Project is seeking $2.19m for the initial 3 years of Government and/or philanthropic funding and $730k per subsequent year.

You can find out more about The Wodonga Project by downloading the associated documents.

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