RISE - Healing & hope after family violence

RISE stands for Recovery, Individual Safety and Empowerment. Free, safe and confidential, RISE is run by Junction and the Australian Childhood Foundation. RISE is for children, women, men, people of all ages, people of all cultural backgrounds and GLBTIQ+ people who have experienced family violence.

Family Violence ICM Initiative: 18yrs+

This program offers intensive case management support to individuals and families currently experiencing or who have recently experienced family violence. Individuals and families are supported to maintain safety and develop a long term plan for establishing stable accommodation, accessing legal and financial assistance, addressing health needs, engagement in employment and/or education and support with social and emotional wellbeing. Referrals can be made through our Intake Worker.

Families & Single Adults Program: 25 yrs+

This program offers case management support to single adults and families over the age of 25 years who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness. Practical support is provided to obtain safe and stable long term accommodation while also addressing a range of other needs including health, education/employment, financial, legal, social and emotional wellbeing. Referrals can be made through our Intake Worker.

Integrated Family Services: individuals with children 0-17yrs

The Integrated Family Services program offers case management support to families who have children aged between 0 and 18 years. The program offers case management support for 13-26 weeks. The program is focussed on increasing the opportunities to strengthen the family unit as well as creating links to the community, working towards gaining a level of stability and minimising the need for statutory intervention through Child Protection. Referrals are received through ChildFirst (Upper Murray Family Care).

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